Linkout Type Descriptions

Link-outs in NG-CHMs are determined by assigning types to the row and column labels in a heat map. Plugins installed in the heat map viewer provide link-outs to appropriate resources for matching types.

A database describing in detail the available label types is under development.

As an interim measure this page lists the label types recognized by the standard NG-CHM plugins.

Data TypeDescription
bio.gene.hugoThe official HUGO symbol for a gene
bio.goA Gene Ontology (GO) identifier
Format GO:#######
bio.cbioportal.sampleidA cBioPortal sampleid. Requires cbioportal.studyid map property.
bio.transcriptidAn Entrez transcription identifier
Format: ENST###########
bio.mirnaAn miRNA identifier
bio.mdacc.pathwayidA Pathway Id as defined by the MD Anderson PathwaysWeb System
bio.pathway.msigdb.nameA Pathway Name as defined by the msig DB
bio.gene.entrezidNumeric Id representing a "gene" as defined by NCBI
bio.protein.uniprotidA Uniprot protein identifier.
bio.geo.accA Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) accession id
Format: integer
bio.pubmedA PubMed Identifier, (Integer ID)
bio.transcript.ensemblAn Ensembl transcript identifier
bio.tcga.barcode.sampleFirst 15 characters of TCGA aliquot barcode
bio.tcga.barcode.sample.vial.portion.analyte.aliquotFull 28 character TCGA aliquot barcode
bio.tcga.barcode.sample.vial.portion.analyteFirst 20 characters of a TCGA aliquot barcode
bio.tcga.barcode.sample.vial.portionFirst 19 characters of TCGA aliquot barcode
bio.tcga.barcode.sample.vialFirst 16 characters of TCGA aliquot barcode
scholarA text string used to search for something in Google Scholar
searchA text string used to search for something