New features in the NG-CHM RStudio Containers

Version 4.0.1 of the NG-CHM RStudio containers are now available.

There are three variants of our NG-CHM RStudio container:

  • ngchm/rstudio-ngchm, which is mostly just the rocker/rstudio docker image plus the NGCHM system and R package,
  • ngchm/rstudio-ngchm-bioc, which adds the Bioconductor and TCGAbiolinks packages, and
  • ngchm/rstudio-ngchm-sc, which also adds the single-cell R packages Seurat and singleCellTK.

Each image’s version tag matches that of the rocker/rstudio docker image on which it is based. We may update the versions of NG-CHM, Bioconductor, and other R packages included in these images. No indication of such updates will be included in the version tag. Consequently:

  • If you need a permanent reference to a specific image, tag the image(s) concerned with your own immutable identifier(s).
  • To ensure that you’re using the latest version of an image, explicitly pull it before starting it.

Version 4.0.1

These images contain:

Version 3.6.3

These images contain:

Youtube Tutorial

Our Youtube channel hosts an introductory tutorial on using the NG-CHM R package and our NG-CHM RStudio containers.