New Features in the NG-CHM Viewer

Version 2.14.2 of the Next-Generation Clustered Heat Map (NG-CHM) viewer is now available. Significant new features in recent versions are listed below:

Version 2.14.2

  • Fix bugs related to multiple embedded viewers on a page.

Version 2.14.1

  • Fix bug that prevented the stand alone and embedded viewers from opening old ngchms.

Version 2.14.0

  • The NG-CHM viewer page is now compliant with the HTML5 standard.
  • Many aspects of the UI are faster and smoother. In particular, ‘Flick view’ is now fast even on large maps.
  • The embedded viewer can be customized to send the details of map entries clicked on by the user to the enclosing web page.
  • The closure compiler instead of yui is used to generate the standalone viewer and the NGCHM widget.
  • Numerous other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.1

  • Improve top bar layout in Firefox.
  • Fix bug that prevented detail pop-up from being dismissed.

Version 2.6.0

  • You can now append a search string to the URL to the viewer; for example &search=GeneName. The map will open with any matching labels preselected.
  • All modal popups can now be moved by dragging the popup’s header bar.
  • The width of the summary panel is now an editable parameter in the Viewer preferences panel. You can still directly alter the summary panel width by dragging the vertical separator between the summary and detail panels.
  • The positioning and aesthetics of the Viewer’s “bubble help” have been improved.
  • In PDFs generated by the Java builder, row and column labels no longer include any hidden data fields, matching the behavior of the Viewer.
  • The Viewer’s help page has been refreshed.